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Introducing vLearning!

Welcome to the home of video learning (vLearning).

vLearning offers you a creative new approach to training with video. vLearning is served up via two user-friendly platforms (intranet or internet) that allows you to deliver video learning to as many employees as you like; in the classroom and on the move via desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Our aim is to help you put those DVDs, and believe it or not, VHS videos to good use and usher in the next generation, ‘corporate YouTube.’

We’re talking about Engaging, Exciting, Edutaining and Empowering content that learners will be talking about for days.

Today’s workforce is tech and media savvy and we believe by offering them compelling visual stories they will be inspired to see opportunities and improved performance!

For further information please contact Joanne Swart on 021 – 200 6709 or We look forward to engaging with you!