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Conflicts of a Local Scale - Conflicts Series

This first program in this fascinating series examines the issues that cause conflict at all levels and identifies where global c   more...

Global Conflicts - Conflicts Series

Used in cars, machinery and even in lipstick, it's almost impossible to imagine a life without oil. It is of no surprise then tha   more...

Consequences of Conflict - Conflicts Series

The final program in this informative series examines some of the economic, environmental and social impacts of conflicts at nati   more...


When faced with years of pain and poor quality of life, why shouldn't a rational person be able to end their own life? For some, e   more...


Christian is a symbolic retelling of the greatest story ever told, within a tough British secondary school. An edgy collision of T   more...

Jihad - Struggling with Islam

This enlightning film follows broadcaster Hina Khan who must come to terms with the Islamic faith she was born into. For most of h   more...