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Herpes - The Secret is Out

Julie and Dan are dating. Is it safe for them to have sex if one has cold sores, or even genital herpes? Find out in this amusing   more...

Chlamydia – The Secret is Out

Chlamydia – The Secret is Out is a new teaching resource to inform young people aged 16 to 20 about chlamydia testing, and t   more...

Wrappy Meets Marc and Julia

In this animated film, we meet Wrappy, a talking condom who gives advice to young people in a clear and funny way. In this story,   more...

Sex and Sexuality

‘Sex and Sexuality’ presents an inclusive, contemporary look at the areas of sex, relationships, virginity, sexual orientation, se   more...

Sexuality - DVD

This program focuses on issues related to sexuality, identity and discrimination. Acknowledging and accepting the broad range of d   more...